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Oi! Lars Frederiksen is touring in August
The Rancid/ The Old Firm Casuals singer and guitarist is hosting a series of "evening with Lars Frederiksen" shows in August. Tickets available #Punk
35 days ago
in Lincoln, Birmingham, Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, Southampton and more
in Bath, Cambridge, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff and more
in Digbeth and London
in Carlisle, Nottingham and Leeds
in Southampton
in Hastings
in Worcester, Bridgwater, Bournemouth, St. Albans, Hull and more
in London, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and more
in Newport, Brighton, Bristol and Norwich
in Leicester, Brighton and London
in Sheffield
in Frome, Gloucester, Wolverhampton, Warrington, Edinburgh and more
in Dublin, Manchester and London
in Carlisle
in London, Hull, York, Manchester, Preston and more
in Huddersfield, Totnes and Birmingham
in Wolverhampton and London
in Southampton, Irvine, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle and more
in London, Derby, Northampton, Guildford, Widnes and more
in Leeds, Coalville, Nuneaton and London
in Blackpool, Leeds, London and Brighton
in Newcastle, Manchester and Southampton
in Nottingham and Guildford
in Cheltenham, Leeds and Sunderland
in Brighton, Southampton, Doncaster, Corby, Grimsby and more
in London
in Cardiff, Guildford and Cambridge
in Southampton, London and Leeds
in Salford, Newcastle, Stoke, Cardiff, Huddersfield and more
in Leeds, Morecambe and Brighton
in Leeds, Newcastle, Nuneaton, Wimborne, London and more
in Ballymena
in Bristol and Manchester
in Southampton, Nottingham and London
in Brighton, Bristol and Nottingham
in London
in London
in Wolverhampton, Limerick, Dublin and Belfast
in Coventry and Cornwall
in Bristol and Brighton
in Glasgow, Newcastle, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Manchester and more
in Belfast
in Newcastle, Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Blackpool and more
in Huddersfield
in Hull, Nottingham, Manchester, Norwich and Woking
in Halifax, Wakefield and Middlesbrough
in Wolverton and Cambridge
in Sheffield
in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Dublin
in Manchester
in Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and more
in Newport, Bristol, Stafford and Norwich
in East Riding of Yorkshire, Manchester, Nottingham and London
in Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol
in Dublin, Stourbridge, Bristol, Southampton and London
in Nuneaton and Laois
in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle, Glasgow, Bristol, Norwich and more
in Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol and more
in London, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester
in Digbeth, Manchester and London
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in Belfast, Dublin, Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham and more
in Sheffield, Southampton, Exeter, Nottingham, Bristol and more
in Edinburgh, York, Guildford, Bedford, Salford and more
in York and Stockton-on-Tees
in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham
in Derby and Bristol
in Exeter, Southampton, Cardiff, Oxford, Stoke and more
in Nottingham, London, Manchester and Leeds
in Stoke, Nuneaton and Nottingham
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