Hardcore Acts [metal/punk]

Anyone for Ice-T?
The metal-rap crossover outfit fronted by Ice-T will return to the UK in 2024 with three big Merciless shows - Tickets on sale now #Hardcore
29 days ago
in Guildford, Totnes, Bristol, Southampton, Brighton and more
in Bristol
in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and more
in Newcastle, Glasgow, London and Liverpool
in Manchester
in Manchester
in Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester and London
in London and Bristol
in Chelmsford
in Bristol, London, Brighton, Nottingham and Leeds
in Hull, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Bristol and more
in London, Glasgow and Leeds
in Huddersfield, Preston, Bristol and London
in London
in London and Dublin
in Manchester, Leeds and Bristol
in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newport, Plymouth and more
in Guildford, Swindon, Swansea and London
in London
in Huddersfield and Birmingham
in Southampton, Oxford, Guildford, Manchester, Glasgow and more
in Leeds and London
in London
in London, Manchester and Glasgow
in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Bristol and more