Gypsy Pistoleros

Gypsy Pistoleros

"Truly unique? Hear for yourself! The sound is flamenco in a head on collision with punk/rock riffs, pounding bass and thrashing drums. The songs spin madly in the best rock 'n' roll tradition chocked full of big hooks, attitude, and sleaze. Yet those flamenco breaks will get into your head and refuse to leave - this hybrid rocks.

Lee Pistolero is now solo, and is Gypsy Pistoleros!

Influenced by all the great rock bands of the past, they are also influenced by the new rock crowd, plus those gypsy licks! Giving them the range of classic guitar riffs while taking rock to a new level! Gypsy Pistoleros has a style that is definitely his own. Lee J first came up with the concept whilst living in Zaragoza (Spain) with the real Gitanos! Sharing the stage with such bands as The Ramones, Motorhead, Dio, UFO, Black Sabbath and The Cramps on previous Spanish tours!"

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