The Dwarves

Controversial Chicago-based garage-punk band who formed in 1984.

Key members include (currently): Blag Dahlia, HeWhoCannotBeNamed, Rex Everything, Wholley Smokkes and Gregory Pecker, (previously) Dutch Ovens, Fresh Prince Of Darkness, Tazzie Bushweed and Andy Christ (plus many more).

Earlier shows were infamous for short-sets, live sex and a lot of drugs, as well as being signed by Sub Pop for the 1989 album "Blood, Guts and Pussy".

Key songs included "Gash Wagon", "Skin-poppin' Slut" and, well, you get the idea (normally with asterisks).

The band has continued in a similar vein ever since with albums such as "Lick It", "The Dwarves Must Die" and "The Dwarves Are Born Again".

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