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Beth Ditto and co. are back with new album, "Real Power", plus an accompanying UK/ Ireland tour. Tickets on sale Friday #IndieRock
in London, Bristol, Manchester, Altrincham, Totnes and more
in Leeds, Glasgow and Newcastle
in Dublin, Leeds, Manchester, Digbeth, Southsea and more
in Birmingham and Lisbon
in London
in Hertford, Norwich, Northampton, Stockport, Chesterfield and more
in Dublin, Newcastle, Leeds, London, Nottingham and more
in London
in York and Newcastle
in Nottingham, Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol and more
in London, Dublin and Leeds
in London
in London
in Southampton, Glasgow, Bristol and London
in Aberdeen, London, Nottingham and Glasgow
in Leeds and London
in Dublin, Glasgow, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester and more
in Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Bath, Birmingham and more
in Manchester, London, Bristol, Leeds and Brighton
in Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Brighton and more
in London
in Lisbon, Belfast, Dublin, Limerick, Galway and more
in London
in York, Stockton-on-Tees, Preston, Bristol, London and more
in Altrincham
in Oxford, Exeter, Chelmsford, Ipswich, Margate and more
in London, Brighton, Southampton, Guildford, Kings Heath and more
in Liverpool
in Grimsby, Wolverhampton, Hull, Stoke, Carlisle and more
in Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin, Birmingham, Bristol and more
in Brighton, Bedford, Cardiff, Bristol, Digbeth and more
in Birmingham, Kent and Manchester
in Newcastle, Nottingham, Glasgow, Hull, Manchester and more
in Birkenhead
in Southampton, Digbeth, Newcastle, London, Glasgow and more
in Cambridge, Brighton, Kings Heath, Bristol, Birkenhead and more
in London, Manchester and Dublin
in Glasgow, Wolverhampton, Dublin, Newcastle, Manchester and more
in Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Southampton and more
in Southend
in Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, London and more
in Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol and more
in Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham, Leeds, Brighton and more
in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Preston and more
in London
in London
in York, St. Albans, Lancaster, Edinburgh, Dover and more
in Brighton, London, Kings Heath, Leeds and Glasgow
in Cambridge, Guildford, Southampton, Glasgow, Kings Heath and more
in Irvine, Argyllshire, Isle of Skye, Fort William, Aberdeen and more
in Glasgow, Newcastle, Birkenhead, Dublin, Leeds and more
in Manchester
in Southsea
in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Temple Bar
in London and Dublin
in Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Hull and more
in London
in Hitchin, Kendal, Southampton, Cambridge, Nottingham and more
in Glasgow
in London, Manchester and Glasgow
in London, Southampton, Bristol, Newcastle, Grimsby and more
in Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Digbeth and more
in Nottingham, London, Sheffield and Manchester
in Manchester, Glasgow, Sheffield, Guildford, Bristol and more
in Stockton-on-Tees, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and more
in Birkenhead, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Brighton and more
in Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Stoke, Cardiff and more
in Glasgow, Doncaster, Manchester, London, Coventry and more
in Galway, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, London and more
in Brighton, Newcastle and Leicester
in Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and more
in London, Dublin and Manchester
in London
in Nottingham, Bristol, Hove, Birmingham, London and more
in London
in London
in Wakefield, Brighton, London, Margate, Bristol and more
in Leeds, Manchester, London and Bristol
in Guildford
in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Liverpool
in Newcastle and Stockton-on-Tees
in Glasgow
in Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Kings Heath, Cardiff and more
in Bristol, Cardiff, London, Birmingham, Manchester and more
in Kidderminster, Manchester, Newcastle, Lincoln, Leeds and more
in Witney, Derby and Chester
in Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, London and Bristol
in Exeter, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow and more
in Carlisle, Sunderland, Birmingham, London, Manchester and more
in Glasgow, Manchester and London
in Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, London and Brighton
in Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Galway
in London, Birmingham, Oxford, Glasgow, Manchester and more
in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow and more
in Brighton, Kings Heath, Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester and more
in Edinburgh, Inverness, Leicester, Newcastle, Manchester and more
in York
in Reading and London
in West Yorkshire
in Cardiff and Leeds
in London and Dublin
in Manchester
in Glasgow
in Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London
in Cardiff, London and Edinburgh
in Belfast, Dublin and London
in Redcar, Dublin, Belfast, Birmingham, Norwich and more
in Dublin, London, Monmouthshire and Glasgow
in Leeds, Glasgow and York
in London
in Wigan
in Somerset
in Manchester
in Dublin, Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds
in Nottingham, Glasgow and London
in Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and more
in London and Bedford
in Manchester and London
in Nottinghamshire
in Newcastle, Bristol, Bournemouth, London, Birmingham and more
in London