Indie Rock

New autumn tour dates announced
After the release of their acclaimed third-album Angel in Real-time, the band have declared a UK tour - Tickets on sale now #IndieRock
28 days ago
THIRD Manchester show announced
The band will now perform a trio of Victoria Warehouse shows in November. Tickets available #IndieRock
28 days ago
in Northern Quarter, Leeds, Sheffield and London
in Somerset
in Aberdeen, Leeds, London and Lanarkshire
in Bury St Edmunds, Barnsley, Derbyshire, Bury, Lancashire and more
in Limerick, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Dublin and more
in Gloucester and Manchester
in Blackburn
in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Bristol, London, Stockton-on-Tees and more
in Huddersfield, Birkenhead and Hull
in Belfast, Dublin, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham and more
in London
in Brighton, Nottingham and Bristol
in London, Coventry, Norwich, Sunderland, Edinburgh and more
in London
in Stoke
in Liverpool
in Warrington
in Bath, Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin
in Manchester, Leeds and London
in Liverpool, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and more
in Dublin and Belfast
in Bristol and London
in London, Manchester, Dublin, Birmingham and Glasgow
in Newport, Northern Quarter, Leeds, Nottingham, London and more
in Chester and Kinross
in Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and more
in Aberdeen, Sunderland, Edinburgh, Chester, Kendal and more
in Sheffield, Liverpool, Newcastle, Hull, Chester and more
in London, Brighton and Southampton
in Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and Southampton
in London, Brighton, Southampton, Bristol, Leicester and more
in Manchester and London
in Sheffield, Brighton, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle and more
in Bristol and London
in Manchester
in Calderdale, Liverpool, East Riding of Yorkshire, Warrington, Tyne and Wear and more
in Brighton, Leeds, Dublin, Glasgow, Newcastle and more
in Kerry, Blackpool, Doncaster, Glasgow, Manchester and more
in Bristol, Brighton, Hull and Middlesbrough
in London
in London
in Southsea, Hull, Blackpool and Leicester
in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, Manchester and more
in Cambridge, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, London and more
in London
in Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool and more
in Blackpool, Southampton, Southend, London, Cambridge and more
in Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester, London and more
in London
in Falmouth, Brighton, London, Bristol, Birkenhead and more
in Manchester, London and Brighton
in Nottingham, Newcastle, Halifax, Manchester, Lewes and more
in Southampton, Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and more
in Brighton, Nottingham, Liverpool, Northern Quarter, London and more
in London, Kings Heath, Glasgow, Leeds and East Riding of Yorkshire
in Bristol, London, Cardiff and Manchester
in Stoke, Oxford, Nottingham, Cambridge, Wolverton and more
in Halifax, Newport, Staffordshire, Sheffield, Leeds and more
in Stockport
in Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and London
in Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London and more
in London, Bath, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin
in Manchester, Glasgow and London
in London and Salford
in Manchester, London, Lisbon and Glasgow
in London, Bristol and Oxford
in Edinburgh, York, Guildford, Bedford, Salford and more
in London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Digbeth, Brighton and more
in London
in Bristol and London
in Limerick, Dublin, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham and more
in Liverpool, London and Glasgow
in Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester, Sussex and London
in Brighton, London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and more
in Manchester, Glasgow and London
in Manchester
in Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Stockton-on-Tees, Glasgow and more
in Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield and more
in Glasgow, Dublin, Sheffield, Bournemouth, Bristol and more
in London, Manchester, Dublin, Belfast, Sheffield and more
in Dublin, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and more
in Sheffield
in Cardiff, London, Bournemouth, Manchester, Birmingham and more
in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin
in Nottingham, Birmingham, Glasgow, Middlesbrough, Cardiff and more
in London, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool
in Stourbridge, Manchester and London
in Bournemouth, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh and more
in Bristol, London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin
in London
in Sheffield
in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, Temple Bar and more
in Cambridge, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and more
in Kings Heath, Morecambe and Hull
in Sheffield
in Brighton, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow
in Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, London and more
in Cambridge
in Manchester, Newcastle, London, Birmingham and Bristol
in Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester and London
in Manchester, Glasgow, London and Wolverhampton
in Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Northern Quarter, Cardiff and more
in Bristol, Cambridge, Leicester, York and Wolverton