Brighton-based trio formed in 2006, featuring Fin Greenall - guitar and vocals, Guy Whittaker - bass and Tim Thornton - drums.

'Fink' were born from singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and DJ Fin Greenall's solo project of the same name.

They released their debut album, "Fresh Produce" in 2002, followed by: "Biscuits for Breakfast" (2006), "Distance and Time" (2007), "Sort of Revolution" (2009), "Perfect Darkness" (2011), "Hard Believer" (2014), "Horizontalism" (2015), "Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1" (2017), "Resurgam" (2017), "Bloom Innocent" (2019) and 2021's: "IIUII" (It Isn't Until It Is).

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