Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny

Acclaimed American jazz guitarist, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and multi-award winner, including many Grammys.

Since the early '70s, his vast catalogue includes various solo, band and collaborative works, the most familiar being "One Quiet Night" and "Orchestrion" (both solo), "Song X" (with Ornette Coleman), "Bright Size Life" and "Rejoicing" (trios) and numerous other group works and offshoot projects such as "Electric Counterpoint" (w/Steve Reich), "Secret Story", "Watercolors", and "Shadows and Lights" (w/Joni Mitchell).

His massive album discography includes his 1976 debut, "Bright Size Life", plus: "Watercolors" (1977), "Pat Metheny Group" (1978), "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls" (1981), "Offramp" (1982), "First Circle" (1984), "Still Life" (1987), "Letter from Home" (1989), "Secret Story" (1992), "The Road to You" (1993), "I Can See Your House from Here" (1994), "We Live Here" (1995), "A Map of the World" (1999), "Speaking of Now" (2002), "The Way Up" (2005), "Metheny/Mehldau" (2006), "Metheny Mehldau Quartet" (2007), "Orchestrion" (2010), "Unity Band" (2012), "The Orchestrion Project" (2013), "KIN" (2014), "From This Place" (2020), plus 2021's: "Road to the Sun".

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