Curtis Stigers

Curtis Stigers

American singer and songwriter who had huge success in 1991 with 'I Wonder Why' and 'You're All That Matters To Me', both UK top ten singles.

His debut album was that year's "Curtis Stigers", which peaked at No 7 on the UK chart. He followed that with: "Time Was" (1995), "Brighter Days" (1999), "All That Matters: The Best of Curtis Stigers" (2001), "Baby Plays Around" (2001), "Secret Heart" (2002), "You Inspire Me" (2003), "I Think It's Going to Rain Today" (2005), "Real Emotional" (2007), "Lost in Dreams" (2009), "Let's Go Out Tonight (Concord," (2012), "Hooray for Love" (2014), plus 2022's "This Life"...

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