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Headline tour confirmed
After their recent On the Beach announcement, Peter Doherty and co will take new album All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade on the road in the autumn Tickets on sale Friday - #00sBandsArtists
in Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Bath, Birmingham and more
in Bristol, Manchester and London
in Dublin, Cork and Limerick
in Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, London and more
in Londonderry and Bristol
in Torquay, Eastbourne, Stockton-on-Tees, Wolverhampton, Blackpool and more
in Exeter, Southampton, Birmingham, London, Nottingham and more
in Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Manchester
in London
in Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Bournemouth, Cardiff and more
in London
in Glasgow
in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, Dublin and London
in Cardiff, London, Dublin, Liverpool and Glasgow
in Dublin, Manchester, Glasgow and London
in Manchester, Glasgow, London, Cardiff and Birmingham
in Dublin, Scarborough, Bedford, Glasgow, Galway and more
in Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and London
in Dublin and Monmouthshire
in Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and London
in Belfast, Dublin and London
in Dublin
in Redcar, Dublin, Belfast, Birmingham, Norwich and more
in London
in Germany
in Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow
in Dublin