English electronica and techno duo featuring brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll, active since 1989.

They released their debut album, "Orbital" in 1991 (Green album), followed by: "Orbital" (1993, Brown album), "Snivilisation" (1994), "In Sides" (1996), "The Middle of Nowhere" (1999), "The Altogether" (2001), "Blue Album" (2004), "Wonky" (2012), "Monsters Exist" (2018), plus 2023's: "Optical Delusion".

The band went on hiatus in 2012, regrouping in 2017.

They scored their first hit with the single "Chime" in 1990, followed by more successes such as "Satan", "Are We Here?" and "The Box".

The pair have also composed music for soundtracks including "Event Horizon", "The Beach" and "The Saint".

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