German trance/ techno trio, featuring H.P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan and Michael Simon, formed 1993.

Huge in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, they nonetheless acheived some UK successes with the singles "Move Your Ass", "Rebel Yell", "Back In The UK" and "Ramp! (The Logical Song)".

They released their debut album, "... and the Beat Goes On!" in 1995, followed by: "Our Happy Hardcore", "Wicked!" (both 1996), "Age of Love" (1997), "No Time to Chill" (1998), "Back to the Heavyweight Jam" (1999), "Sheffield" (2000), "We Bring the Noise!" (2001), "The Stadium Techno Experience" (2003), "Mind the Gap" (2004), "Who's Got the Last Laugh Now?" (2005), "Jumping All Over the World" (2007), "The Ultimate Aural Orgasm" (2007), "Under the Radar Over the Top" (2009), "The Big Mash Up" (2011), "Music for a Big Night Out" (2012), "The Fifth Chapter" (2014), "Ace" (2016), "Scooter Forever" (2017), "God Save the Rave" (2021), plus 2024's: "Open Your Mind and Your Trousers".

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Thirty, Rough and Dirty
The German trio released latest album, "Open Your Mind and Your Trousers" earlier this year and will celebrate 30 years with a UK/ Ireland tour, including a Manchester Warehouse Project gig. Tickets on sale now #HappyHardcore
45 days ago