UK hard rock band formed in 1989 by Danny Bowes and Luke Morley, from the ashes of Terraplane. Other members include Ben Matthews - guitar and keyboards, Chris Childs - bass guitar and Gary 'Harry' James - drums and percussion.

Thunder's debut album was 1990's 'Backstreet Symphony'. Follow-up, 1992's 'Laughing on Judgement Day' reached No 2 on the UK album chart. Other albums include: "Behind Closed Doors" (1995), "The Thrill of It All" (1996), "Giving the Game Away" (1999), "Shooting at the Sun" (2003), "The Magnificent Seventh!" (2005), "Robert Johnson's Tombstone" (2006), "Bang!" (2008), "Wonder Days" (2015), "Rip It Up" (2017), "Please Remain Seated" (2019), "All the Right Noises" (2021), plus 2022's: "Dopamine".

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