Primal Scream

Primal Scream

UK band formed in Glasgow in 1982 by Bobby Gillespie and Jim Beattie. Current lineup: Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes, Martin Duffy, Darrin Mooney and Simone Butler.

The band's musical style has varied from Byrds-esque guitar-pop ("Sonic Flower Groove"), dub/club/rave (the seminal "Screamadelica"), retro-rock ("Rocks Off") and electro-rock ("Vanishing Point" etc).

They released their debut album, "Sonic Flower Groove" in 1987, followed by: "Primal Scream" (1989), "Screamadelica" (1991), "Give Out But Don't Give Up" (1994), "Vanishing Point" (1997), "XTRMNTR" (2000), "Evil Heat" (2002), "Riot City Blues" (2006), "Beautiful Future" (2008), "More Light" (2013), "Chaosmosis" (2016) and the 2019 compilation album, "Maximum Rock 'N' Roll: The Singles".

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