The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers

Grammy award-winning London-based electronica and techno-breakbeats duo formed in Manchester in 1991 and featuring Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. They were originally called The Dust Brothers until the US band of the same moniker instructed them to change names in 1995.

Club-hits "Leave Home", "Block Rockin Beats", "Hey Boy Hey Girl", "Star Guitar", "Galvanize", "Go!" and one of the Olympic 2012 themes, "Velodrome".

They released their debut album, "Exit Planet Dust" in 1995, followed by: "Dig Your Own Hole" (1997), "Surrender" (1999), "Come with Us" (2002), "Push the Button" (2005), "We Are the Night" (2007), "Further" (2010), "Born in the Echoes" (2015), plus 2019's: "No Geography".

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