Courtney Pine

Courtney Pine

London-based award-winning jazz musician, famous for playing saxophone but also performing with bass clarinet, clarinet, flute and keyboards. Also a radio presenter, he was awarded an OBE in 2000 for services to jazz.

His recordings since the mid-'80s include the debut album, "Journey To The Urge Within", the soundtrack to "Angel Heart", the album "Destiny's Songs", a collaborative single "Like Dreamers Do" (with Mica Paris) and "Europa", an album with Pine playing bass clarinet.

Aside from his debut album, other releases have included: "Destiny's Songs" (1988), "The Vision's Tale" (1989), "Closer To Home" (1990), "Within The Realms of Our Dreams" (1991), "To The Eyes of Creation" (1992), "Modern Day Jazz Stories" (1995), "Underground" (1997), "Back in the Day" (2000), "Devotion" (2003), "Resistance" (2005), "Transition in Tradition: En Hommage a Sidney Bechet" (2009), "Europa" (2011), "House of Legends" (2012), "Song (The Ballad Book)" (2015) and 2017's: "Black Notes from the Deep".

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