British Afro-pop band formed in 1969 in London.

Key members have included Teddy Osei - sax, Colin Graham - trumpet and Kofi Ayivor, Nii Tagoe, Daku Potato - percussion, amongst many.

In the '70s, the band had hit albums such as "Osibisa" and "Woyaya" and the singles "Sunshine Day" and "Dance the Body Music".

They released their debut eponymous album in 1971, followed by: "Woyaya" (also 1971), "Heads" (1972), "Happy Children" (1973), "Superfly T.N.T. Soundtrack" (1973), "Osibirock" (1974), "Welcome Home" (1975), "Ojah Awake" (1976), "Mystic Energy" (1979), "Celebration" (1980), "African Flight" (1981), "Movements" (1989), "African Criss Cross" (1990), "Monsore" (1995), "African Dawn, African Flight" (2003), "Wango Wango" (2004), "Osee Yee" (2009), "The Boyhood Sessions" (2020), plus 2021's: "New Dawn".

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