Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

Maze are an American soul band from San Francisco, originally formed in 1970 as "Raw Soul" in Philidelphia. The band features founder member and front-man, Frankie Beverly.

Best known for the 1980 song, "Joy and Pain", other popular songs include: "Happy Feelin's", "While I'm Alone", "Golden Time Of Day", "Southern Girl", "The Look in Your Eyes", "Before I Let Go", "We Are One", "Back in Stride", "Can't Get Over You" and "The Morning After".

They released their debut album, "Maze featuring Frankie Beverly" in 1977, followed by: "Golden Time of Day" (1978), "Inspiration" (1979), "Joy and Pain" (1980), "We Are One" (1983), "Can't Stop the Love" (1985), "Silky Soul" (1989), plus 1993's: "Back to Basics".

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