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A matter of Principle
To celebrate 45 years of his landmark "Replicas" and "The Pleasure Principle" albums, the Tubeway Army maestro will be taking both albums on the road - Tickets on sale now #80sBands
last week
He's blinding us with tour-dates
Well, two of them at least. The award-winning multi-instrumentalist returns with hits shows in Manchester and London - Tickets on sale now - #80sBands
last week
in Dublin, Stroud, Scunthorpe, Plymouth and Cornwall
in Gloucester, Norwich, Brighton, Bournemouth, Bristol and more
in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow and more
in Cannock, Woking, Dunfermline, Scarborough, Ramsgate and more
in Manchester, Edinburgh, Essex and Guildford
in London
in Altrincham, Chester, Stroud, Derby, Wolverhampton and more
in Dublin, Manchester, London, Glasgow, Halifax and more
in Wrexham, Stroud, Liverpool, St. Albans, Southampton and more
in Leicester
in Glasgow, Leeds, Dublin, Bournemouth, Birmingham and more
in Altrincham, Sudbury, Canterbury, Ely, King's Lynn and more
in Lisbon
in London, Lewes, Glasgow and Kinross
in Nuneaton, Manchester, Oxford and London
in London
in London, Hertford, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and more
in Cheshire, Brighton, Nottingham, Gateshead, Leeds and more
in Essex
in London, Leeds and Glasgow
in Bristol, Brighton, Southampton, Manchester and London
in Norwich, Sheffield, Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol and more
in Merthyr Tydfil
in Stoke, Brighton, Halifax, Cardiff, Derby and more
in Salford
in Glasgow, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast and more
in Gateshead, Cardiff, Bath, Brighton, London and more
in Cork
in Glasgow, Belfast and Galway
in London and Dublin
in Sunderland, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton and more
in Manchester and London
in Cardiff and Manchester
in Brighton, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Stroud and more
in London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds and more
in Blackpool, London, Scunthorpe and Scarborough
in London
in Wolverhampton
in Widnes