Stand-up/ Comedy Acts

THIRD hometown show added for October
The comedian and TikTok-er has added a third hometown gig at the Glee Club in Birmingham (6th October). Tickets on sale now #StandUp
14 days ago
UK tour extended into spring 2023!
The 2022 Britain's Got Talent winner and comedian has extended his "In Style" UK tour into spring 2023 due to demand. Tickets available #StandUpComedy
45 days ago
in London and Glasgow
in Dunstable, St. Albans, Norwich, Dorking, Sussex and more
in London, Brighton, Birmingham and Nottingham
in Bridlington, Liverpool, Crawley, Hastings, Dublin and more
in Hull, Belfast, Cheshire, Nottingham, Glasgow and more
in Sheffield, Blackburn, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Brighton and more
in Glasgow, Coalville, Chester, London, Harrogate and more
in Reading
in Birmingham, Leicester and Reading
in Leicester
in London
in Brighton, Southend, Bath, Portsmouth, Cardiff and more
in London
in London
in London
in Leicester
in Reading and Huntingdon
in Birmingham
in London
in Birmingham and Leeds
in St. Helier, West Yorkshire, Buxton, Ivybridge, Portsmouth and more
in Cardiff, Taunton, Isle of Wight, Poole, Huddersfield and more
in London
in Liverpool and London
in Wells, London, Castlefield, Cork, Dublin and more
in Basingstoke and Birmingham
in Staffordshire
in Guildford, Southend, York, Hull, Reading and more
in Newcastle
in Cardiff, Dublin, Bristol, Brighton, Hull and more
in Stockport, Halifax, Chester, Eastbourne, Basingstoke and more
in Wells, Clifton, Swansea, Aberdeen, Oxford and more
in Suffolk
in Manchester, Bedford, Peterborough, London, Falmouth and more
in Cheshire
in Glasgow and London
in Huntingdon
in North Yorkshire, Leeds, Newcastle, Aldershot, Harrogate and more
in Grimsby, Nottingham, Stockport, Carlisle, Harrogate and more
in Loughborough, Bristol, Cheltenham, Chesterfield, Halifax and more
in Glasgow, Ripon and Macclesfield
in Leicester
in Kendal, Brighton, London, Southampton, Durham and more
in Aberystwyth, Lincoln and Douglas
in London
in Stockport and Cheshire
in Chester, Salford, Glasgow, Guildford, Belfast and more
in Chester, Salford, Northampton, Sheffield, Southsea and more
in Devon, Exeter, Taunton, London, Leeds and more
in Glasgow and Nottingham
in London
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in London, Belfast, Sheffield and Exeter
in Dublin, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle, Guildford and more
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in Dundee
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in Portsmouth, York, Northampton and Sheffield
in Paisley
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in Salford
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in Liverpool, Banbury, Farnham, Southsea, Norwich and more
in York, Sheffield, Exeter, Lincoln, Norwich and more
in Cambridge and London
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in Cambridge, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Kent, Cheltenham and more
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in Castlefield, Exeter, Oxford, Yeovil, Brighton and more
in Castlefield
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in Westmeath, County Cavan, Letterkenny, Cork, Sligo and more
in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield, Brighton and more
in London
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in Frome
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in Glasgow
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