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More In The MOment dates announced
The popular TV comedy performer returns this year with an all-new show In The Moment - but he's only gone and added a whole load MOre for 2025!- Tickets on sale now - #StandUpComedy
15 days ago
in Eastbourne, Aldershot, Cambridge, Birmingham, Lancaster and more
in Kendal, Powys, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cheshire and more
in Derby, Kendal, Lancaster, Middlesbrough, Stevenage and more
in Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Brighton and more
in Bury St Edmunds, Maidstone, Newbury, Exeter, Torquay and more
in Laois, Dublin, Kendal, Birmingham and Stourbridge
in Leicester, Staffordshire, Glasgow and Aylesbury
in Edinburgh, Nottingham, Newcastle and London
in Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Newcastle, Stockton-on-Tees, Southsea and more
in Hove and London
in Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield, London, Hove and more
in Leicester, Southampton, Dunfermline, Leeds, Glasgow and more
in Newport, Swindon, Bournemouth, York, Liverpool and more
in Newbury, Kendal, Belfast, Camberley, Barnard Castle and more
in Bradford, Blackburn, Newcastle, Leeds, Oxford and more
in Nottingham, Birmingham, Exeter, Oxford and Leeds
in London, York, Southampton and Clifton
in Leicester, Rotherham, Oxford, Carlisle, Cheltenham and more
in Sheffield, Nottingham, Bradford, Glasgow, Edinburgh and more
in Taunton, Birmingham, Loughborough, Chester, Canterbury and more
in Oxford, London, Salford, Sheffield, Hove and more
in Scunthorpe, Glasgow, Salford and London
in London
in London, Slough, Southampton, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and more
in Newcastle, Salford, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bath and more
in Oxford, Lincolnshire, Ely, London, Birmingham and more
in Frome, Stroud and North Yorkshire
in Cambridge and Macclesfield
in Exeter, Leeds, London, Sheffield, Cardiff and more
in Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Chester and Glasgow
in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kings Heath, Sheffield and more
in Leicester, Edinburgh and London
in Leicester, Exeter, Guildford, York, Sheffield and more
in Newcastle, Warrington and Flintshire
in Glasgow and London
in Brighton, Aldershot, Edinburgh, Glasgow, York and more
in Leicester, Ipswich, Colchester, Portsmouth, Exeter and more
in Northampton, Guildford, Brighton, Middlesbrough, Carlisle and more
in Aldershot, Bridport, Exeter, Cardiff, Edinburgh and more
in Portsmouth, Newbury, Nottingham, Wimborne, Exeter and more
in Laois, Castlebar, County Louth and Dublin
in Tunbridge Wells, Gateshead, Oxford, Swansea, Manchester and more
in Plymouth, Nottingham, Newcastle, Eastbourne, London and more
in Southend
in Belfast
in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle and London
in Aldershot, Winchester, Cambridge, Carlisle, Edinburgh and more
in Colchester, Belfast, Nottingham, Bradford, Chatham and more
in Castlebar, Newcastle, Glasgow, High Wycombe, Southend and more
in London, Slough, Southampton, Wolverhampton, Leeds and more
in Bristol, Guildford, Brighton, Oxford, Leicester and more
in Leicester, Norwich, London, Banbury, Winchester and more
in Leicester and Nottingham
in Glasgow
in Nottingham
in London, Luton, Southampton, Norwich, Oxford and more
in Manchester, Kendal, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham and more
in Kerry and Dublin
in Coventry, Leeds, Reading and London
in London
in Leicester, Southampton, Aylesbury and Glasgow
in Stockton-on-Tees, Leeds, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Newcastle and more
in Leicester and Southampton
in Stourbridge and Southport
in Gloucester, Winchester, Worcester, Swindon, Shrewsbury and more
in York, Carlisle, Stockton-on-Tees, Cornwall, Exeter and more
in Bristol, Cardiff, Sheffield, Leicester, Southampton and more
in County Cavan and Dublin
in London
in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Dublin, Belfast and more
in Bristol and Stevenage
in Chester, Birmingham, Leeds, Oxford, Glasgow and more
in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Canterbury, Hove and more
in London
in Dorking, Guildford, Southend, Aylesbury, Buxton and more
in London, Southend, Brighton, Salford, Lincoln and more
in Manchester, Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Margate and more
in Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow and more
in Redruth and Glasgow
in St. Helens, Buxton, Harrogate, Southport, Liverpool and more
in Oxford, Staffordshire, Burton, Burnley, Chipping Norton and more
in Livingston, Scottish Borders, Irvine, Stirling, Hamilton and more
in York, Leeds, Portsmouth, Northampton, Birmingham and more
in Thirsk
in Buckinghamshire
in Sheffield, Portsmouth, Cheltenham, Brighton, Guildford and more
in Birmingham, Ripon, Wakefield, York, Chester and more
in London, Hull, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and more
in Dublin, Belfast, Newport [Isle of Wight], London, Devon and more
in Milton Keynes
in Birmingham, Stourbridge, Newcastle, Scarborough, Merseyside and more
in Glasgow, Birmingham, Coventry, Leeds, Edinburgh and more
in Birmingham, London, Wolverhampton and Nottingham
in Gloucester, Salford, Oxford, Birmingham, Belfast and more
in Portsmouth and Exeter
in Chorlton
in Southampton, Hove, Banbury, Bristol, Exeter and more
in Sheffield, Leeds, York, Salford, London and more
in Darlington, Stourbridge, Nottingham, Leicester, Edinburgh and more
in Falmouth, Cambridge, Sussex, Bristol, Powys and more
in Wexford, Cardiff, London, Sheffield, Leeds and more
in Stockton-on-Tees, Oxford, Scunthorpe, York, Cardiff and more
in Southampton
in Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, York, Sheffield and more
in Leeds, Edinburgh, Brighton, Southampton, London and more
in Lewes, Nottingham, Bath and Southport
in Stourbridge and Birmingham
in Leicester, Birmingham, Southampton, Glasgow, Sheffield and more
in Edinburgh and Glasgow
in Huddersfield, Kendal, York, Buxton and Northern Quarter
in Stockport
in Cardiff, Kendal, Glasgow and Dublin
in Birmingham, Cambridge and Leicester
in Salford, Scunthorpe and Glasgow
in Newcastle
in Worthing
in London
in Staffordshire and Birmingham
in Southampton and Southend
in Laois, Manchester, Bristol, Wexford, Kerry and more
in Nottingham and Devon
in Runcorn, Liverpool, Hull, Glasgow, Wigan and more
in Northamptonshire
in Manchester and London
in London and Glasgow
in Sheffield, Portsmouth, Leicester, Lincoln and Nottingham
in Aylesbury
in Glasgow
in Colchester, Cambridge, Ipswich, Bristol, Shrewsbury and more
in London and Stourbridge
in London
in Newcastle
in Glasgow
in Southport and Merseyside
in Manchester, Glasgow, Northampton and Southampton
in London
in Birmingham and Leicester
in Glasgow and Edinburgh
in London
in Stockport
in London
in Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham
in London
in Northampton, Sheffield, Lincoln, Crewe, Birmingham and more
in Laois, Bath, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Northampton and more
in London, Carlisle and Kendal
in London, Glasgow, Perth, Aberdeen, Brighton and more
in Kendal, Bedford, Crewe, Stafford, Crawley and more
in London
in Kendal, Redruth, Cornwall and Plymouth
in Glasgow and Dublin
in Leicester and Birmingham
in Stourbridge, Birmingham, Chester, Carlisle, Leeds and more
in Cardiff, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield, Southampton and more
in Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Cambridge, Nottingham and more
in Buckinghamshire and Bath
in London
in London
in London
in Nottinghamshire and Sutton Coldfield
in Glasgow
in Edinburgh and Glasgow
in Newcastle
in London
in Winchester, Maidstone, Birmingham, Aldershot, Norwich and more
in Birmingham, Stourbridge, Merseyside and Nottingham
in Nottingham and Leicester
in Southampton, Birmingham, Salford, Leeds and York
in Bath
in Limerick, Dublin and Kerry
in Edinburgh, Manchester and Kings Heath
in Glasgow, Leeds, Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin and more
in Dublin
in Nottingham, Sheffield, Newport, Belfast, Plymouth and more
in Stockport, Cardiff, Glasgow and Newcastle
in Glasgow
in Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London
in Newcastle
in Hastings
in Manchester and Dublin
in London
in Belfast and Birmingham
in Hull, Lincoln, Derby, Nottingham, Leeds and more
in Bristol, Manchester, Brighton, Exeter, Birmingham and more
in London
in London and Saltash
in Leicester
in Nottingham and Merseyside
in Folkestone, Clacton, Lowestoft, Neath Port Talbot, Weston-super-Mare and more
in Basingstoke, Shrewsbury, Hereford, Bristol, Dorking and more
in Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Exeter, Mansfield and more
in Bristol, Sheffield, Edinburgh, London, Glasgow and more
in York, Liverpool, Belfast, Stoke, Manchester and more
in London
in Glasgow
in Southend, Cambridge, Birmingham, Brighton, Maidenhead and more
in London
in Leicester
in London
in Liverpool
in Salford, Sheffield, Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Leeds and more
in Dublin, Sheffield, Salford, Brighton, Leeds and more
in Salford and Exeter
in Stockton-on-Tees
in Ashford, Worthing and Salford
in Birmingham
in London
in Edinburgh
in Sheffield, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and more
in Dublin, Salford, Leeds, Southampton and Stourbridge
in Dublin and Limerick
in York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and more
in Norwich, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Buxton and more
in London
in Dublin
in Cardiff and Birmingham
in Birmingham, Banbury, Maidstone, Sheffield, Grimsby and more
in Southsea
in Cambridge, Brighton, Oxford, Maidenhead, Birmingham and more
in Sheffield, Leeds, Carlisle, Newcastle, Kendal and more
in Blackburn, Sunderland, Hull, Llandudno, Leicester and more
in Dunfermline and Glasgow
in Belfast
in Derby, Bournemouth, Brighton, Sheffield, Blackpool and more
in Glasgow
in Newcastle
in London
in Folkestone, Leicester, Colchester, Birmingham, Crewe and more