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Are you 'aving a Giraffe?
Well, TV funny-man Rob Beckett is, and that's the name of his lengthy UK tour. Tickets on sale now #TVComedy
Set to open Manchester's Co-Op Live
The Boltonian funny-man is set to open the new Co-op Live in Manchester on 23rd April. Tickets on sale now #TVComedy
last week
Podcast shows announced
The one-half of Adam and Joe and esteemed comedy writer and podcaster has announced a string of 2024 tour-dates - Tickets on sale now - #TelevisionFilmRadioComedy - #ComedyWriting
62 days ago
in Plymouth, Nottingham, Newcastle, Eastbourne, Liverpool and more
in London, Banbury, Winchester, Belfast, Hull and more
in Halifax, Warwick, Tunbridge Wells, St. Albans, London and more
in Oxford, Leicester, Stafford, Edinburgh, Glasgow and more
in Wolverhampton, Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester, Southampton and more
in Southampton, Leicester, Colchester, Cambridge, Northampton and more
in Bath, Cambridge, London, York, Leeds and more
in Dublin and London
in Southampton, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Leicester and Birmingham
in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Aylesbury and more
in Chester, Stoke, Woking, London, Bristol and more
in Macclesfield
in Cambridge, Stockton-on-Tees, Newcastle, Southsea, Swansea and more
in Edinburgh and Glasgow
in Staffordshire, Glasgow and Aylesbury
in Brighton, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Woking and London
in Stockport
in Salford, Scunthorpe and Glasgow
in Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, London, Glasgow and more
in Dublin, Basingstoke, Cardiff, Swansea, Liverpool and more
in London
in London, Liverpool, Dublin, Bristol, Glasgow and more
in Bristol and Southampton
in Lincolnshire
in Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Cambridge, Nottingham and more
in London
in Nottingham, Newcastle and London
in London
in Belfast, Glasgow and Dublin
in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Scarborough, Scunthorpe and more
in Glasgow, Leeds, Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter and more
in London and Saltash
in Dublin, Nottingham, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff and more
in Gloucester
in Brighton, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Bath and more
in Dublin
in Margate
in Warwick
in Warwick
in Stourbridge
in Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester and more
in London, Norwich, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and more
in Truro, Guildford, Basingstoke, Brighton, High Wycombe and more
in Birmingham, Swindon, York, Newcastle, Leeds and more
in Sheffield, Leeds, Carlisle, Newcastle, Kendal and more
in Blackburn, Sunderland, Hull, Llandudno, Leicester and more
in Kendal
in Belfast
in Derby, Bournemouth, Brighton, Sheffield, Blackpool and more
in Chatham, Watford, Crawley, Swindon, Lincoln and more