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Wang in There, Baby!
The TV funny-man will be asking everyone to "Wang in There, Baby!" with his spring UK tour. Tickets on sale now #TVComedy
20 days ago
in Liverpool and London
in Cardiff, Dublin, Bristol, Brighton, Hull and more
in London
in London, Belfast, Sheffield and Exeter
in Exeter, Peterborough, Oxford, Leicester, Stoke and more
in Brighton, London, Manchester, Belfast, Dublin and more
in Castlefield
in Newcastle, Birmingham, Reading, Cardiff, High Wycombe and more
in Castlefield
in Nottingham, Salford, London, York, Reading and more
in Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, London, Reading and more
in Leeds and Cardiff
in Newcastle and Glasgow
in Dublin and London
in Nottingham, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, Portsmouth and more
in Brighton, Oxford, Newcastle, Cardiff, Maidenhead and more
in Nottingham