- Image: Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson

English folk-rock guitarist, singer and songwriter from Fairport Convention, nominated as one of Rolling Stone Magazine's top 20 guitarists of all time and the winner of numerous awards including a Novello and an OBE.

He released his debut album, "Henry the Human Fly" in 1972, followed by: "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight" (1974), "Hokey Pokey" (1974), "Pour Down Like Silver" (1975), "First Light" (1978), "Sunnyvista" (1979), "Shoot Out the Lights" (1982), "Hand of Kindness" (1983), "Across a Crowded Room" (1985), "Daring Adventures" (1986), "Amnesia" (1988), "Rumor and Sigh" (1991), "Mirror Blue" (1994), "You? Me? Us?" (1996), "Mock Tudor" (1999), "The Old Kit Bag" (2003), "Front Parlour Ballads" (2005), "Sweet Warrior" (2007), "Dream Attic" (2010), "Electric" (2013), "Acoustic Classics" (2014), "Still" (2015), "Acoustic Classics II" (2017), plus 2018's: "13 Rivers".

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