Loudon Wainwright III

Loudon Wainwright III

Award-winning American folk singer, songwriter and actor. As well as being the father of Rufus, Martha and Lucy, he was the husband of the late Kate McGarrigle.

He released his debut album, "Loudon Wainwright III" in 1970, followed by: "Album II" (1971), "Album III" (1972), "Attempted Mustache" (1973), "Unrequited" (1975), "T Shirt" (1976), "Final Exam" (1978), "Fame and Wealth" (1983), "I'm Alright" (1985), "More Love Songs" (1986), "Therapy" (1989), "History" (1992), "Grown Man" (1995), "Little Ship" (1997), "Social Studies" (1999), "Last Man on Earth" (2001), "Here Come the Choppers" (2005), "Strange Weirdos" (2007), "Recovery" (2008), "High Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project" (2009), "10 Songs for the New Depression" (2010), "Older Than My Old Man Now" (2012), "Haven't Got the Blues (Yet)" (2014), "Surviving Twin" (2017), plus 2020's: "I'd Rather Lead a Band".

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