Sharron Kraus

Sharron Kraus British folk singer/ songwriter/ musician born in America but based in Leicester.

She released her debut album, "Beautiful Twisted" in 2002, followed by: "Yuletide" (2003), "Songs of Love and Loss" (2004), "The Black Dove" (2006), "Leaves From Off the Tree" (2006), "Right Wantonly A-Mumming" (2007), "The Fox's Wedding" (2008), "Rusalnaia" (2008), "Travellers Two" (2008), "The Woody Nightshade" (2010), "Pilgrim Chants and Pastoral Trails" (2013), "Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers" (2015), "If You Put Out Your Hand" (2016), plus 2016's: "Time Takes Away".

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