Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes is a Stafford-born bass guitarist and vocalist who has been in various Deep Purple and Black Sabbath line-ups, as well as recording dozens of collaborations including the acclaimed Hughes / Thrall and Hughes / Turner projects and also with Pat Travers, Tony Iommi, Robin George and Keith Emerson.

He has a unique singing style bordering on a falsetto and can hold a note for around 30 seconds (I've seen him do it!). He cites funk and Motown as an influence on his bass-playing.

He released his debut solo album, "Play Me Out" in 1977, follwed by "L.A. Blues Authority Volume II" (1992), "From Now On..." (1994), "Feel" (1995), "Addiction" (1996), "The Way It Is" (1999), "Return of Crystal Karma" (2000), "A Soulful Christmas" (2000), "Building the Machine" (2001), "Songs in the Key of Rock" (2003), "Soul Mover" (2005), "Music for the Divine" (2006), "First Underground Nuclear Kitchen" (2008) and 2016's: "Resonate".

Glenn co-founded the rock-supergroup Black Country Communion in 2009 and joined the line-up of super-group, The Dead Daisies in 2019.

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