Blues Rock

Has announced new album, "Time Clocks"
The blues-rocker has announced new album, "Time Clocks" for release on 29th October, with lead single The Heart That Never Waits out now. Watch this space for UK dates...
23 days ago
Autumn 2021 UK tour extended
54 days ago
in Leicester, Sheffield, Sussex, Derby and Lowdham
in Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, London and more
in Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Chester, Sheffield, Derby and more
in Staffordshire, Derby, Edinburgh and Newcastle
in London
in Whitby
in Blackpool, Liverpool, Flintshire, Bradford, Birmingham and more
in Hull, Derby, Cardiff, Kinross, Newcastle and more
in Leeds, Liverpool, Exeter, Sussex, Wolverhampton and more
in Leicester, Hereford, Hitchin, Worthing, London and more
in Chester, Blackpool, Leeds, Bury, West Yorkshire and more
in London and Darlington
in Dublin, Wolverhampton, Grimsby, Kinross, Newcastle and more
in Blackpool, Gloucester, Bridgwater, Guildford, Bristol and more
in Bournemouth, Warrington, Cambridge, York, Bath and more
in Wolverhampton, London and Belfast
in Oxford, Leicester, Kinross, Sheffield and Barnsley
in Sussex, Nottingham, London, Birmingham, York and more
in Southampton, Wolverhampton, Lincoln, London, Grimsby and more
in Stamford, Newcastle, Grimsby, Liverpool, Kinross and more
in Sheffield, Northern Quarter, Glasgow, Brighton, Cardiff and more
in Wolverhampton and Leicester
in Birkenhead, Cornwall, Stourbridge, Cheltenham, Scunthorpe and more
in Ballymena, Grimsby, Blackpool, Bradford, Kinross and more
in Manchester and London
in Wolverhampton, Kinross, Newcastle and Liverpool
in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester and Sheffield
in Wolverhampton, Portsmouth, London and Newcastle
in Belfast, Dublin, Hull, Stockton-on-Tees, Liverpool and more
in Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, London and more
in Exeter, Cardiff, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Bristol and more
in Bristol, York, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and more
in Southampton, Norwich, Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield and more
in Guildford
in London
in Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Bristol and more
in Glasgow, Cardiff, Brighton and London
in Sussex, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and more
in London
in Glasgow, Newcastle, London, Manchester, Nottingham and more
in London
in Manchester, Dublin, Birmingham and London
in Wolverhampton and London
in Glasgow, York, Birmingham, Nottingham, London and more
in Dublin, Manchester, London and Lisbon
in Bristol, Sussex, London, Warrington, Edinburgh and more
in London, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester
in Wolverhampton and London