Glam/new-wave turned adult-pop band originally formed in 1974, dissolved in 1982 and briefly reformed as Rain Tree Crow in 1991.

Key members include David Sylvian - guitar, synths and vocals, Mick Karn - bass, saxophones, effects and percussion, Steve Jansen - drums and percussion, Richard Barbieri - synths and piano and Rob Dean - guitars and backing vocals (until 1981).

The band's debut album "Adolescent Sex" was issued in 1977, but Japan's commercial heyday was in 1981/2 with "Tin Drum" and the hit-song "Ghosts". This in turn increased interest in their earlier Hansa/Arista era with "Quiet Life", "European Son" and "Life In Tokyo" all becoming belated hits.

After the initial split, all members pursued solo and collaborative paths.

Bassist Mick Karn passed away in 2011.

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