Wim Mertens

Flemish Belgian composer, vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and musicologist.

He founded the ensemble Soft Verdict in 1979 and released a series of releases including "Close Cover" and "Struggle For Pleasure" (both given a dance remix by Minimalistix in 2000), but not before issuing an album recorded using pinball machines ("For Amusement Only").

Since dropping the name Soft Verdict, Mertens has released over 40 albums of solo piano, piano and vocal, solo acoustic guitar, woodwind ensemble, brass ensemble, orchestras and numerous intricate and methodical works spread over several multi-disc sets.

Key works include "A Man Of No Fortune", "Educes Me" (released on Factory as well as Crepuscule), "Father Damien", the soundtrack to "Belly Of An Architect", "Integer Valor" and 2015's "Charaktersketch", the first part of another trilogy.

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