james are Manchester-based alt-pop and previously indie band formed in the '80s.

Current lineup includes Tim Booth, Jim Glennie, Larry Gott, David Baynton-Power, Saul Davies, Mark Hunter and Andy Diagram.

Their vast catalogue began with the "Jimone" and "James II" EPs on Factory Records, before issuing major-label albums: "Stutter" in 1986, followed by: "Stripmine" (1988), "Gold Mother" (1990), "Seven" (1992), "Laid" (1993), "Wah Wah" (1994), "Whiplash" (1997), "Millionaires" (1999), "Pleased to Meet You" (2001), "Hey Ma" (2008), "The Night Before" (2010), "The Morning After" (2010), "La Petite Mort" (2014), "Girl at the End of the World" (2016), plus 2018's: "Living in Extraordinary Times".

Their key cross-over song is "Sit Down", a number 2 hit in 1989. Other hits include "She's A Star", "Sound" and "Tomorrow".

Lead singer Tim Booth has also issued his own solo work.

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