The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers are a legendary soul group - the longest running charted group in music history. Originally featuring O'Kelly Isley Jr., Rudolph Isley, Ronald Isley and Vernon Isley, the lineup has included: Marvin Isley, Chris Jasper and Jimi Hendrix(!).

The current lineup includes founder member, Ronald Isley and long-term member, Ernie Isley.

Rudolph Isley passed away in 2023.

They released their debut album, "Shout!" in 1959, followed by: "Twist & Shout" (1962), "Twisting and Shouting" (1963), "This Old Heart of Mine" (1966), "Soul on the Rocks" (1967), "The Brothers: Isley" (1969), "It's Our Thing" (1969), "Get into Something" (1970), "Givin' It Back" (1971), "Brother, Brother, Brother" (1972), "3 + 3" (1973), "Live It Up" (1974), "The Heat Is On" (1975), "Harvest for the World" (1976), "Go for Your Guns" (1977), "Showdown" (1978), "Winner Takes All" (1979), "Go All the Way" (1980), "Inside You" (1981), "Grand Slam" (1981), "The Real Deal" (1982), "Between the Sheets" (1983), "Masterpiece" (1985), "Smooth Sailin" (1987), "Spend the Night" (1989), "Tracks of Life" (1992), "Mission to Please" (1996), "Eternal" (2001), "Body Kiss" (2003), "Baby Makin' Music" (2006), plus 2017's: "Power of Peace".

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