"I-Koma have something untamed yet crafted, raw yet catchy, sounding reminiscent of early Audioslave - but with an attractive English pop bounce. On stage the band this does nothing to disappoint, seducing there audience effortlessly. Aesthetically pleasing, with all the trimmings of iconic big hair and dirty leather. To categorized and attempt to vaguely pigeon-hole the bands sound, I-Koma sits boisterously chomping at the bit in that precious space between the classic Full Foo-fighter/ Nirvana sound and the pop riddled Mcfly, holding the hands of young pop/rock fans with nicely polished vocals, all the while leading them away from the familiar southern counties radio rubbish towards better more intense sex, drugs and rock n roll."

"Over the year the band has grown from strength to strength accrediting much interest from major labels, playing amazing gigs including to 10,000 people at Wakestock and supporting The Kooks, Cat the Dog, Feeder, The Zutons, The Delays and The Automatic, as well as awesome feedback and winning numerous 'Battle of the Bands'"

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