John Mayall

John Mayall is an influential English electric-blues singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, often associated with the British r'n'b scene of the '60s and his band, The Bluesbreakers.

He has worked with John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton and Peter Green amongst many others.

Releases include the debut album, "Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton", released in 1966, followed by: "The Blues Alone" (1967), "Crusade" (1967), "A Hard Road" (1967), "Blues from Laurel Canyon" (1968), "Bare Wires" (1968), "USA Union" (1970), "Empty Rooms" (1970), "Back to the Roots" (1971), "Memories" (1971), "Ten Years Are Gone" (1973), "The Latest Edition" (1974), "Notice to Appear" (1975), "New Year, New Band, New Company" (1975), "A Banquet in Blues" (1976), "A Hard Core Package" (1977), "Bottom Line" (1979), "No More Interviews" (1980), "Road Show Blues" (1981), "Return of the Bluesbreakers" (1985), "Chicago Line" (1988), "A Sense of Place" (1990), "Cross Country Blues" (1992), "Wake Up Call" (1993), "Spinning Coin" (1995), "Blues for the Lost Days" (1997), "Padlock on the Blues" (1999), "Along for the Ride" (2001), "Stories" (2002), "Road Dogs" (2005), "In the Palace of the King" (2007), "Tough" (2009), "A Special Life" (2014), "Find a Way to Care" (2015), "Talk About That" (2017), plus 2019's: "Nobody Told Me".

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