Ron Pope

Ron Pope

Ron Pope New York-based blues-rock singer-songwriter and former member of The District, with whom he released two albums with before going solo.

Pope received nationwide television exposure in the US for various releases including "Whatever It Takes", "Atlanta" and "Monster".

He released his debut album, "Last Call" in 2007, followed by: "Daylight" (2008), "The Bedroom Demos" (2009), "Goodbye, Goodnight" (2009), "Hello, Love" (2009), "The New England Sessions" (2010), "Ron Pope Live & Unplugged in New York" (2010), "Whatever It Takes" (2011), "Atlanta" (2012), "Monster" (2012), "Calling Off The Dogs" (2014), "Ron Pope and the Nighthawks" (2016), plus 2018's: "Work".

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