John Cale

John Cale

Welsh musician, composer, singer, songwriter, record producer and former member of Velvet Underground.

He released his debut album, "Vintage Violence" in 1970, followed by: "The Academy in Peril" (1972), "Paris 1919" (1973), "Fear" (1974), "Slow Dazzle" (1975), "Helen of Troy" (1975), "Honi Soit" (1981), "Music for a New Society" (1982), "Caribbean Sunset" (1984), "Artificial Intelligence" (1985), "Words for the Dying" (1989), "Walking on Locusts" (1996), "HoboSapiens" (2003), "blackAcetate" (2005), "Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood" (2012), plus 2016's: "M:FANS". Other releases include several soundtracks including: "Le Vent De La Nuit" and collaborations with Brian Eno, Lou Reed and Patti Smith.

He has produced albums for The Stooges, Nico, Happy Mondays and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

In 2017, he revived the classic Velvet Underground and Nico album for a series of concerts.

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