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Section 25

English post-punk band formed in Blackpool during the late '70s.

Current lineup includes Vin Cassidy, Bethany Cassidy, Steve Stringer, Michael Cassidy and Jo Cassidy.

Early material was released on Factory Records and featured key members, the late Larry and Jenny Cassidy with the band's first single Girls Don't Count being co-engineered by Ian Curtis.

Key album releases include "Always Now", "From The Hip" and "Nature and Degree" as well as the singles "Girls Don't Count", "Back to Wonder", "Crazy Wisdom" and club-hit "Looking From A Hilltop". A rework album, "Retrofit", was released in 2010 followed by "Dark Light" in 2013, "Al Fresco" in 2016 and "Elektra" in 2018.

In 2016, Kanye West sampled a chunk of the band's Always Now track "Hit".

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