Scottish alternative pop/ rock band from Glasgow, featuring Fran Healy - vocals and guitar, Dougie Payne - bass, Andy Dunlop - guitar and Neil Primrose - drums.

They released their debut album, "Good Feeling" in 1997, followed by the award-winning, platinum-selling, "The Man Who" in 1999, plus: "The Invisible Band" (2001), "12 Memories" (2003), "The Boy with No Name" (2007), "Ode to J. Smith" (2008), "Where You Stand" (2013), "Everything at Once" (2016), plus 2020's: "10 Songs".

Their most familiar songs include "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?", "Writing to Reach You", "Driftwood", "Turn", "Coming Around" and "Sing".

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