Pee Wee Ellis

[1941 - 2021] Pee Wee Ellis was an American saxophonist, composer and arranger and one time member of James Brown's band - AKA Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis. He also featured on several of Van Morrison's albums in the '80s and '90s.

His own solo discography includes: "Home in the Country", released in 1977, followed by: "Blues Mission" (1992), "Twelve and More Blues" (1993), "Sepia Tonality" (1994), "Yellin Blue" (1995), "A New Shift" (1996), "What You Like" (1997), "Ridin Mighty High" (2000), "Live and Funky" (2001), "Different Rooms" (2005), "Tenoration" (2011), "The Spirit of Christmas" (2013), plus 2015's: "The Cologne Concerts".

He passed away in 2021.

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