George Benson

George Benson

George Benson is a multi Grammy award-winning American jazz and soul guitarist and singer who started out as a member of organist, Brother Jack McDuff's band in the '60s.

He released his debut album, "The New Boss Guitar of George Benson" in 1964, followed by: "It's Uptown" (1966), "The George Benson Cookbook" (1967), "Giblet Gravy" (1968), "Shape of Things to Come" (1968), "Goodies" (1968), "Tell It Like It Is" (1969), "The Other Side of Abbey Road" (1970), "Beyond the Blue Horizon" (1971), "White Rabbit" (1972), "Body Talk" (1973), "Bad Benson" (1974), "Good King Bad" (1976), "Benson & Farrell" (1976), "Breezin" (1976), "In Flight" (1977), "Livin' Inside Your Love" (1979), "Give Me the Night" (1980), "In Your Eyes" (1983), "Pacific Fire" (1983), "I Got a Woman and Some Blues" (1984), "20/20" (1984), "While the City Sleeps..." (1986), "Collaboration" (1987), "Twice the Love" (1988), "Tenderly" (1989), "Big Boss Band" (1990), "Love Remembers" (1993), "That's Right" (1996), "Standing Together" (1998), "Absolute Benson" (2000), "Irreplaceable" (2003), "Givin' It Up" (2006), "Songs and Stories" (2009), "Guitar Man" (2011), "Inspiration: A Tribute to Nat King Cole" (2013), plus 2019's: "Walking to New Orleans".

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UK tour cancelled
The jazz guitar maestro has cancelled his UK summer tour and announced that he will probably not be travelling internationally, again on medical advice. Official statement
26 days ago