William Orbit

William Orbit

William Orbit is a multi award-winning English musician and producer from London. He was awarded three Grammy's for his work with Madonna on the "Ray of Light" album as well as a "Best Original Song" Golden Globe award for the song, "Beautiful Stranger", also from "Ray of Light".

He released his debut album, "Orbit" in 1987, followed by: "Strange Cargo" (also 1987), "Strange Cargo II" (1990), "Strange Cargo III" (1993), "Strange Cargo Hinterland" (1995), "Pieces in a Modern Style" (1999), "Hello Waveforms" (2006), "My Oracle Lives Uptown" (2009), "Pieces in a Modern Style 2" (2010), "Strange Cargo 5 [D]" (2014), "Orbit Symphonic" (2014), plus 2022's: "The Painter".

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