- Photo: George Salisbury The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips

American space-rock/psychedelic-pop band formed in 1983.

Members include Wayne Coyne - vocals, guitar, theremin and bass, Michael Ivins - bass and keyboards, Steven Drozd - drums and vocals, Kliph Scurlock - drums and percussion and Derek Brown - guitar and keyboards.

Much of their early material such as "Hear It Is" (1986) and "In A Priest Driven Ambulance" was experimental. Their 1997 album, "Zaireeka" was a four CD set that was designed to be played simultaneously to create a unique harmonic sound.

Later work from "The Soft Bulletin" onwards became a favourite with the critics, before they crossed over to the mainstream spotlight with the still-strange "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" in 2002. Other albums include: "At War with the Mystics" (2006), "Embryonic" (2009), "The Terror" (2013) and 2017's: "Oczy Mlody".

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