The Groundhogs

UK-based progressive blues/ rock band founded in the '60s and previously featuring the late Tony McPhee - Guitar, Vocals, Dave Anderson - Bass, Joanna Deacon - vocals and Mark Anderson - Drums, backing vocals.

In the '70s they had a handful of hit albums including "Split", and "Thank Christ for the Bomb".

They released their debut album, "Scratching the Surface" in 1968, followed by: "Blues Obituary" (1969), "Thank Christ for the Bomb" (1970), "Split" (1971), "Hogwash" (1972), "Who Will Save the World? The Mighty Groundhogs" (1972), "Solid" (1974), "Black Diamond" (1976), "Crosscut Saw" (1976), "Razor's Edge" (1985), "Back Against the Wall" (1987), "Hogs in Wolf's Clothing" (1998), plus 1999's: "The Muddy Waters Song Book".

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