Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

British heavy-metal band formed in 1975 in East London.

Key members include: Steve Harris - bass, Dave Murray - guitars, Nicko McBrain - drums and a host of vocalists including Bruce Dickinson, Paul DiAnno and Blaze Bayley.

They were part of the late 70s collective called The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and remain an influential name amongst current rock-bands.

They released their debut album, "Iron Maiden" in 1980, followed by: "Killers" (1981), "The Number of the Beast" (1982), "Piece of Mind" (1983), "Powerslave" (1984), "Somewhere in Time" (1986), "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" (1988), "No Prayer for the Dying" (1990), "Fear of the Dark" (1992), "The X Factor" (1995), "Virtual XI" (1998), "Brave New World" (2000), "Dance of Death" (2003), "A Matter of Life and Death" (2006), "The Final Frontier" (2010), "The Book of Souls" (2015), plus 2021's: "Senjutsu".

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