Big Big Train

Big Big Train

Big Big Train are a British progressive-rock outfit formed in 1990. Originally formed in Bournemouth, the band features founder member, Gregory Spawton (bass), plus David Longdon - vocals/ flute/ keys/ guitars, Nick D'Virgilio - drums/ backing vocals and Rikard Sjöblom - keys/ guitars.

They released their debut album, "Goodbye to the Age of Steam" in 1994, followed by: "English Boy Wonders" (1997), "Bard" (2002), "Gathering Speed" (2004), "The Difference Machine" (2007), "The Underfall Yard" (2009), "English Electric Part One" (2012), "English Electric Part Two" (2013), "Folklore" (2016), "The Second Brightest Star" (2017), "Grimspound" (2017), "Grand Tour" (2019), plus 2021's: "Common Ground".

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