Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Brooklyn Funk Essentials

US funk-hiphop act founded in 1994. Debut release was single: "Creator has a Masterplan".

"Brooklyn Funk Essentials was born out of New York's buzzing hip-hop-jazz and slam poetry scenes of the early nineties. Originally conceived by producers Arthur Baker and Lati Kronlund as a series of studio jam sessions, the group soon turned into a 12-piece live outfit consisting of some of the finest young musicians, singers, rappers, dub poets and DJs the Big Apple had to offer."

They released their debut album, "Cool and Steady and Easy" in 1995, followed by: "In the BuzzBag" (1998), "Make Them Like It" (2000), "Watcha Playin" (2008), "Funk Ain't Ova" (2015), plus 2019's: "Stay Good".

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