Ben Sidran

Ben Sidran is an American jazz/ rock keyboardist, singer, producer, label owner and music writer from Chicago.

He released his debut album, "Feel Your Groove" in 1970, followed by: "I Lead a Life" (1971), "Puttin' in Time on Planet Earth" (1972), "Don't Let Go" (1973), "Free in America" (1975), "The Doctor Is In" (1977), "A Little Kiss in the Night" (1978), "The Cat and the Hat" (1979), "Old Songs for the New Depression" (1981), "Bop City" (1982), "Get to the Point" (1983), "On the Cool Side (Heat Wave)" (1985), "Spread Your Wings and Fly Now!!" (1988), "Too Hot to Touch" (1988), "Cool Paradise" (1989), "Have You Met...Barcelona?" (1989), "Life's a Lesson" (1993), "Mr. P's Shuffle" (1996), "Walk Pretty: The Songs of Alec Wilder" (2001), "Nick's Bump" (2003), "Bumpin' at the Sunside!" (2004), "Dylan Different" (2009), "Don't Cry for No Hipster" (2012), "Blue Camus" (2014), plus 2017's: "Picture Him Happy".

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