Martha Tilston

Martha Tilston

Brighton-born folk singer-songwriter.

Martha is the daughter of folk-singer and writer, Steve Tilston, and often performs with a backing band called The Woods, as well as being a session singer for the jazz-soul band, Zero 7. She is a captivating performer, and enchanting singer songwriter blessed with a gloriously clear and beautiful voice.

She released her debut album, "Mouse: Helicopter Trees" in 2000, followed by: "Mouse: Mouse Tales" (2001 - both with Nick Marshall), "Rolling" (2003), "Bimbling" (2004), "Ropeswing" (2006 - as Martha Tilston and The Woods), "Of Milkmaids and Architects" (2007), "Lucy and the Wolves" (2010), "Machines of Love and Grace" (2012), "The Sea" (2014), plus 2017's: "Nomad".

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