Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips is a renowned, award-winning British drummer who has been a session drummer for the likes of: Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Bernie Marsden, Mike Oldfield, Judas Priest, Tears for Fears, and The Who as well as a long-term drummer with Toto, following the death of Jeff Porcaro.

He released his debut album, "Protocol" in 1988, followed by: "Simon Phillips" (1992), "Force Majeure" (1993), "Symbiosis" (1995), "Another Lifetime" (1997), "Out of the Blue" (1999), "Vantage Poin" (2000), "Empty Time" (2012), "Protocol I" (2013), "Protocol III" (2015), plus 2017's Grammy-nominated: "Protocol 4".

The later "Protocol" series of albums featured Ernest Tibbs on all three, plus a combination of Andy Timmons, Steve Weingart, Greg Howe and Dennis Hamm.

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