Influential American techno/rave/ambient/club-music (and occasionally rock) producer, DJ and activist.

His first breakthrough was the single "Go!" in 1991. Other notable successes include the albums "Everything Is Wrong" (includes "Hymn" and "Into The Blue"), the award-winning "Play" (includes "Porcelain", "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" and "Run On"), the follow-up "18" (includes "We Are All Made Of Stars") and "Hotel" (includes "Lift Me Up").

Other albums include his 1992 eponymous release, plus: "Ambient" (1993), "Animal Rights" (1996), "Last Night" (2008), "Wait for Me" (2009), "Destroyed" (2011), "Innocents" (2013), "These Systems Are Failing" (2016), "Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep." (2016), "More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse" (2017), "Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt" (2018), "Long Ambients 2" (2019), "Live Ambients - Improvised Recordings Vol. 1" (2020), "All Visible Objects" (2020), "Reprise" (2021), "Ambient 23", "Resound NYC" (both in 2023), plus 2024's: "Always Centered at Night".

In 2016, he published the book: "Porcelain: A Memoir", with the follow-up, "Then It Fell Apart" released in 2019.

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Moby-lised for "Play" 25th anniversary
It's been ten years since his last tour, and now Moby will perform a special 25th anniversary show for the album, "Play" at London's O2 Arena as part of his European tour. Tickets on sale now #Electronica
27 days ago
The O2 Arena