Climax Blues Band

British Blues 'n' soul-jazz outfit founded in the '60s. They had a world-wide hit in 1976 with "Couldn't Get It Right".

Members include George Glover - keyboards, Roy Adams - drums, Lester Hunt - guitar, Neil Simpson - bass, Graham Dee - vocals and Chris Aldridge - sax.

They released their debut album, "The Climax Chicago Blues Band" in 1969, followed by: "Plays On" (1969), "A Lot of Bottle" (1970), "Tightly Knit" (1971), "Rich Man" (1972), "FM/Live" (1973), "Sense of Direction" (1974), "Stamp Album" (1975), "Gold Plated" (1976), "Shine On" (1978), "Real to Reel" (1979), "Flying the Flag" (1980), "Lucky for Some" (1981), "Sample and Hold" (1983), "Drastic Steps" (1988), "Blues from the Attic" (1993), plus 2004's: "Big Blues".

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