Guided By Voices

Guided By Voices are an American alt-rock/lo-fi band formed in 1983, split in 2004 and reformed in 2010, featuring founder member and front-man, Robert Pollard - vocals, long term members: Doug Gillard - guitar and Kevin March - drums, plus Bobby Bare, Jr. - guitar and Mark Shue - bass.

They released their debut album, "Forever Since Breakfast" in 1986, followed by: "Devil Between My Toes" (1987), "Sandbox" (1987), "Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia" (1989), "Same Place the Fly Got Smashed" (1990), "Propeller" (1992), "Vampire on Titus" (1993), "Bee Thousand" (1994), "Alien Lanes" (1995), "Under the Bushes Under the Stars" (1996), "Tonics & Twisted Chasers" (1996), "Mag Earwhig!" (1997), "Do the Collapse" (1999), "Isolation Drills" (2001), "Universal Truths and Cycles" (2002), "Earthquake Glue" (2003), "Half Smiles of the Decomposed" (2004), "Let's Go Eat the Factory" (2012), "Class Clown Spots a UFO" (2012), "The Bears for Lunch" (2012), "English Little League" (2013), "Motivational Jumpsuit" (2014), "Cool Planet" (2014), "Please Be Honest" (2016), "August by Cake" (2017), "How Do You Spell Heaven" (2017), plus 2018's: "Space Gun".

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