- Image: Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne

London-based indie/dance band formed in 1990 by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs, originally featuring guest vocalists.

That was until they met Sarah Cracknell whose delicate vocals have crowned every indie-pop classic ever since, including 'He's on the Phone' and 'You're in a Bad Way'.

They released their debut album, "Foxbase Alpha" in 1991, followed by: "So Tough" (1993), "Tiger Bay" (1994), "Good Humor" (1998), "Sound of Water" (2000), "Finisterre" (2002), "Tales from Turnpike House" (2005), "Words and Music by Saint Etienne" (2012), "Home Counties" (2017), plus 2021's: "I've Been Trying to Tell You".

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